Nurse turned up for work on children’s cancer ward drunk


A NURSE who turned up drunk for work in a children’s cancer ward has been struck off.

Angela Elizabeth McLeish got a final written warning after admitting being drunk at the Schiehallion Ward of Glasgow’s Yorkhill hospital in May 2008.

Two years later she was fired after reporting for work at the same children’s hospital after drinking vodka until 2am.

Miss McLeish was more than two hours late for her shift at an “acute medical receiving ward”.

She has now been barred from the profession by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), after admitting three charges of misconduct.




The nurse was charged with attending duty whilst under the influence of alcohol at the Schiehallion Ward on 22 May 2008 and at ward 7A of the hospital on 17 May 2010.

She was also accused of failing to ensure administration of medication to a patient was recorded properly.

An NMC disciplinary panel said this week: “Miss McLeish was employed as a Band 5 Staff Nurse by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board.

“She worked on Ward 7A and the Schiehallion Ward which included an oncology unit at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow.”

The Schiehallion ward is dedicated to treating oncology and haematology cases for children, and has 20 beds.

The panel continued: “On 21 August 2008 she faced a disciplinary hearing following an allegation that she was witnessed and admitted to being on duty whilst under the influence of alcohol on 22 May 2008.




“Miss McLeish was also alleged to have failed properly to record the administration of medication to a paediatric patient.

“The allegations were deemed well founded and she was issued with a first and final written warning.”

The panel said the nurse was alleged to have turned up to work while under the influence of alcohol on 17 May 2010.

“An investigation was carried out during the course of which Miss McLeish admitted to drinking a bottle of vodka until 02.00 on Monday 17 May 2010 prior to her shift starting at 07:30.

“She arrived on shift at about 09:15.

“She explained that the reason that she was late for her shift was because she was panicking.

“She felt that she was well enough to work although she knew she was acting ‘a bit hyper'”.



The nurse was fired by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde later that year following a disciplinary hearing.

The panel, convened in London and chaired by Graham Park, heard the nurse admitted all three charges.

She had put patients and staff at risk of harm, the panel said.

Announcing its decision to strike Miss McLeish off, the panel said: “In the light of Miss McLeish’s misconduct she has breached a fundamental tenet of the profession; she failed to provide a high standard of care at all times.

“Furthermore the panel considers that Miss McLeish’s behaviour has brought the reputation of the profession into disrepute.”