Garbage tweets turn out to be rubbish


FANS of rock chart-toppers Garbage were left enraged today after the band’s Twitter and Facebook pages were hacked.

Posing as Scots singer Shirley Manson, the anonymous hacker posted a string of bizarre and saucy comments to the social media sites.

The hacker pretended the songstress was drunk and offered to reveal a “whipped cream Shirley” to fans.


Initially the comments caused confusion with followers of the band who believed it was the real Shirley.

But confusion soon turned to rage, as the mysterious hacker began bragging about his criminal activity.

The hacker took control of the band’s accounts for more than three hours today (wed).

Posting at 10am this morning, the prankster wrote a string of messages on Facebook and Twitter, claiming to be drunk.

They posted: “Getting a lot of questions about what I’m drinking. is it that obvious I’m drunk??? Vanilla Malt and a few coolers

“There will be whipped cream and Shirley for all! RT that previous tweet! go people go!

“For those saying cooking… Nope

“For everyone who is commenting on the video ‘garbage is hacked’, We are not! Rumor by jealous people who don’t want whipped cream Shirley!”

To begin with, some follower believed that it was the real Shirley typing.

One, Warwick Bradley, writing; “Some big name artist’s tweets and Facebook look like they are all done by a publicist. Yours feel so human, e.g acne crisis, walking the dog etc. love it!”


No control

But an hour after taking control of the social media sites, the hacker began bragging about his internet hacking skills, prompting a huge backlash from angry fans of the Scots singer.

The hacker posted: “Anyone want this twitter account? Tweet at me that you want it. Don’t need it anymore.

“Also all the geniuses on the Facebook page, Garbage don’t have control Currently.

“Why doesn’t anyone like me. Also I hacked this stupid m***********g band and have been f*****g with you for ages.

“All you people saying I’m dumb. I’ve made over 19 dollars by spamming links. I hack twitters and spam them great money,” the hacker added.

Fans were quick to hit back at the hacker, with one, Matt Morse writing: “Crazy s**t is going down at the official @garbage tweet account. It’s been hacked and the muppet is bragging on about it.

Another, Ni Copon, said: “How dare you. Hacking @garbage brings joy to your uneventful, miserable life? How pathetic.”

Harajuku S, added: “How stupid are you to do such things? How childish and immature. Give the account back to Shirley,” another warned: “The hacking lawsuit will cost you 20000 dollars perhaps. You better start saving :P”

The anonymous hacker eventually took the hint, posting: “Text file containing this accounts password, I’m outta here. Peace and have fun whoever gets it.”