No tricks with the three Vics


A YOUNG couple have named their new baby after the Scottish hospital she was born.

The tot’s mother, Victoria Dawson, gave birth to 8lb 3oz baby Victoria, after giving birth at the Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy earlier this month.

And the new mother, from Kinross, said she named the little girl after both herself and the “lovely” staff at the Scots maternity wing.

Mum and daughter together


The 28-year-old lives with postman fiancé Alan Seath and two sons Josh, 12, and Kai, eight.

The mum-of-three said she just “had to name” her new baby Victoria.

She said: “She’s the spitting image of me, so I called her Victoria, but it’s also a tribute to the staff at the Victoria Hospital, most of who were lovely.

“She looks just like me, my family and friends kept saying that to me.

“They all think it’s a really nice name and suits her.

“My family kept saying she needs a name and it had to be Victoria.

“It made sense naming her Victoria even more so after being born in Victoria Hospital,” she added.

Victoria, who runs a part-time childminding business, said she hoped it wouldn’t be confusing having two people with the same name in the house.

She said: “I’m known as Vic or Vicky. Most my family and friends call me that.”

Victoria’s sister, Lorraine Hannah, added: “Her name suits her so much. She looks just like Vicky did when she was born.

“The other names they thought of just didn’t suit her.

“She’s just gorgeous.”