Sex attack charges dropped against trainee doctor


A SCOTS doctor has had a charge of rape dropped after a disciplinary panel found he had no case to answer.

Dr Muhammad Naeem Khan, who is based in Glasgow, had eight charges against him dropped at a Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) panel.

A woman, named only as Miss A, claimed the doctor had forced her to have sex in Pakistan in 2001, and coerced her into taking pictures of her where she was naked from the waist down.

He still faces four charges, including that he “threatened to reveal the naked photographs of Miss A to her parents if she did not maintain contact with you”.

Dr Khan, who is a trainee GP with NHS Education for Scotland, could be struck off if it is found he has committed serious misconduct.

The MPTS panel ruled that much of Miss A’s evidence was inconsistent and not credible, after Dr Khan’s defence agent Mr Anthony Haycroft moved for the charges to be dropped.

The charges against Dr Khan which were dropped include that between 2000 and 2001 he sent naked photographs of himself to the woman, sent sexual photographs or videos to her, and instructed her to send naked photographs of herself to him.

The fourth charge which was dropped was that on 11 June 2011 he “forced Miss A to have sexual intercourse with [him], against her will”.

A charge that “in or around 2005, coerced Miss A into posing for photographs which you took of her when she was naked from the waist down,” was also dropped.

Another charge which read he “threatened Miss A that you would turn her friends against her if she did not maintain contact with you” was also dropped.


The woman has also accused him of turning up at her place of work and throwing the photographs on the floor, and taking her SIM card without consent.

He still faces a charge that he threatened to show the photographs to Miss A’s parents if she did not keep in contact with him.

He is further accused of telephoning a male friend of Miss A and telling him he had discussed kidnapping him in Pakistan.

He is also accused of threatening to send the pictures to Mr B’s relatives.

The MPTS panel said today (fri): “Miss A’s account of events contained inconsistencies which raised doubts as to her credibility as a witness.

“The Panel noted the omissions in Miss A’s original complaint and witness statement as the true nature and extent of her relationship with Dr Khan.

“That the relationship had been of an overtly sexual nature for some years following the alleged ‘rape’ (her word) was not revealed until she was under cross-examination, at which point she admitted such had been the case.”

The panel continued: “These discrepancies and inconsistencies were in the Panel’s view so serious as to undermine the reliability of all of the evidence from Miss A.“

The four charges which remain were supported by Miss A’s friend and documentary material, the panel said.

The hearing continues.

NHS Education for Scotland confirmed Dr Khan was employed as a trainee GP in Glasgow. A spokesman said: “We cannot comment further on this case at this time.”