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Remember remember the Oban fireworks… because there’ll be none this year

ORGANISERS behind last year’s 60-second fireworks spectacular has scrapped this November’s display because it would be pointless.

The event in Oban became a worldwide sensation after fireworks that were supposed to last more than half an hour were ignited in a minute-long pyrotechnic frenzy.

But anyone hoping for a repeat on Saturday night is in for a disappointment as this year will see  a “retro” Guy Fawkes night with bonfires, turnip lanterns and dookin’ for apples.


The Oban fireworks in 2011 were meant to last 40 minutes - they were gone in less than 60 seconds


A local councillor today admitted there was no way they could compete with last year’s unintentional spectacular – so they are not even going to try.

Last year’s display, which was organised by company Pyro 1, involved fireworks worth £6000 which were supposed to be fired over 40 minutes.

But a technical glitch caused the entire cache of rockets to explode in a matter of seconds.

The event – subsequently dubbed “Obang! – scored more than a million hits on YouTube as was hailed as “literally the best in the world”.

Comments on the site included: “I thought this was just awesome looking. I don’t care if it was short.”

Another wrote: “Probably the best firework display ever!!”

An envious Welsh viewer observed: “All fireworks displays should be like that! The ones in Cardiff this year dragged about ten minutes worth out over a long, cold half hour.”

Organisers have decided that as there is no way to top last year’s event, revellers will instead be treated to a “good old fashioned bonfire”.

Louise Glen Lee, lead councillor for Oban and the Isles, said: “Last year’s fireworks display was one of my first public events as a newly elected councillor, and it certainly ensured that my term started with a bang!

“[But] we couldn’t even begin to compete with last year’s extravaganza so we aren’t even going to try.

“This year we are focusing on bringing the community together around a good old fashioned bonfire with lots of other traditional activities like a fancy dress competition, turnip lanterns and dookin’ for apples.

“Everyone is welcome on Saturday – it should be a great night out.”

Immediately after last year’s fiery fiasco, Pyro 1, whose Scottish office is in Edinburgh, apologised and organised a second display.

Martin Allen, operations director at Pyro1, said at the time: “We were devastated when our display for Oban quite literally went off with a bang and immediately held our hands up.

“Our new show, the Obang display, is a homage to Oban and has been introduced as a result of this new demand for a short, high-impact, dramatic display.”

A spokesman for Pyro 1 confirmed they were not involved in this year’s event.



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