Vile Facebook page banned after 1,000 join “Dundee whores” page


POLICE are investigating a vile Facebook page that was used to post semi-nude snaps of Scottish women and girls – some of whom are believed to be as young as 14.

More than 1,000 people joined the “Dundee Whores” page before it was shut down by the social networking site.

It is understood some of the images of women and girls may have been posted by ex-partners.

The images, many of them apparently taken using camera phones, showed girls and women posing in underwear and in other provocative situations.

One picture showed a woman in the bath, her modesty preserved by bubbles.

The images, believed to be uploaded by disgruntled former boyfriends and husbands, were accompanied by names and phone numbers of the women.

Yesterday the Facebook page was taken down over “safety and security” issues after victims and families pleaded for the sick material to be removed.

One young mother and former pupil at local secondary school Lawside Academy said: “Remove this pic. I am not a whore.”

Even the mother of a young Dundee model took to the site to complain after her daughter was shown posing in a saucy snap wearing a shirt unbuttoned to her naval.


She wrote: “Get this photo off here. My daughter is not a whore.”

It is unclear who created the Dundee Whores page but the alarm was raised after one man thought he recognised his friend’s daughter.

Film-maker Dylan Drummond, 42, said: “I phoned the police control room and made a complaint after I heard concerns that one may have been a 14-year-old daughter of a friend.

“Some photos were obviously camera phone pictures that were never intended to be made public and some photos were just benign photos of unsuspecting people pouting to cameras at parties.

“No one is perfect, we all like a laugh at our kith and kin, but this website has crossed the line in terms of safety, decency and privacy.”

A Facebook spokesman said: “Nothing is more important to Facebook than the safety and security of the people who use the site.

“Unfortunately one person determined to harass another will find ways to do so – both online and offline.”

A Tayside Police spokesman: “We are aware of the page and that it was closed down. We are making inquiries into the matter.”