Friday, May 20, 2022
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The Big Yin’s Brave with his words

BILLY Connolly has revealed he taught American colleagues Scottish words to be used in the script for Brave.

The Glasgow comedian said he helped give the animated flick a more authentic feel by suggesting they use more authentic words.

Billy said: “Sometimes I’d say ‘Listen, I know a good Scottish word for this and you could stick it in’.


The Big Yin shared the Scots dialect with makers of Brave


“They trusted us completely – I stopped and changed a few words to Scottish words and they just loved it. They just accepted it right away.”

The funnyman said he helped maintain the “musical” feel to the Scots language by suggesting funny words for different types of birds.

He added: “A turkey is known as a ‘bubbly jock’ because that’s exactly the noise it makes.

“And an owl is a ‘hoolit’ and a pigeon is a ‘cushie doo’. So when you sprinkle your language with these it sounds all exotic and foreign but really the name of the animal is the sound it makes.”

Billy also praised the Brave researchers for their background work as they were even able to track down his house.

He added: “I was amazed at how thoroughly they researched this stuff – the people who wrote it had been at my house in Scotland because there’s an annual parade.

“When I met them to talk about the movie they showed me the pictures and they’d been outside my door.”



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