Ewan McGregor backs disabled schoolboy’s christmas song


A DISABLED schoolboy has won the admiration of Holywood actor Ewan McGregor – after blinking the words to a charity Christmas single.

Adam Bojelian has cerebral palsy, is blind, and suffers from a severe seizure disorder.

But the 12-year-old is able to communicate with friends and family by blinking and used his amazing skill to pen the song which will now help the Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS).

A composer who works in LA created the music to go along with Adam’s song


McGregor, a supporter of the charity, was bowled over when he heard Christmas Gibbons, saying: “It’s quite incredible to think that Adam shares his vivid imagination with is through poetry written by blinking.

“I love the idea that Santa is assisted at Christmas by gibbons! I hope lots of people will download this track and help raise money for CHAS.”

The actor added: “Adam has already won the 2010 Brit Writers Outstanding Achievement Award, a gold Blue Peter badge, the 2011 Young Scotland Rising Star Award and the 2012 Young Scots Arts Award for his poetry.”

Adam, from Edinburgh, wrote the words to the song two years ago. It reveals how Santa is able to deliver so many present in one night, concluding with the lines: “You thought the reindeers did this job/
Now you know it is the gibbons.”

Scottish actor Ewan McGregor is backing Adam’s Christmas single


Thanks to a chance meeting it has now been set to music, recorded, and is ready for downloading from iTunes.

His mother, Zoe, said: “Adam was asked by staff at Rachel House, which is run by CHAS, if there was a particular dream he would like to have come true and he said he would love to see Christmas Gibbons set to music.”

The 52-year-old added: “Unfortunately, not long after that he became very ill again and had to go back into hospital, so the project stalled.

“Then one day my husband and I ran into Gary and Kim Harrison, who we had become friendly with after meeting while out walking our dogs.”

Zoe mentioned the project and Gary said he knew somebody that could help Adam with his dream.


Adam has won a variety awards already for his writing skills

Mr Harrison said: “My son, Tom, who lives in LA, is a composer and often does work on films and TV shows like CSI.

“I knew he would be only too happy to help out. Adam is such an amazing boy and it’s fantastic that he’s so determined to give something back to the charity that’s helped his family.”

Mr Harrison also asked for help from Jess Connell and Nicky Godley to create a video.

In 2011, Nicky was awarded the Intercom Gold Plaque at the Chicago Film Festival for her piece, Mikey and Jools Keep Safe.

Roslyn Neely, director of fundraising and communications at CHAS, said: “It’s a super song and we are really proud of Adam’s great achievement and the fact that his family want to raise money for CHAS.”

Fifty pence from each download of the single is going to charity.



Christmas Gibbons


Gibbons are fun at Christmas,
They dont’ mind the snow,
Gibbons are fun at Christmas,
But there is something about
them you don’t know.

They are Santa’s secret weapon,
They work on Christmas night.
Swinging across the rooftops.
They really are a sight.

Bringing lots of presents.
Around the world they go,
more agile than the reindeers,
Swinging to and fro.

They are Santa’s secret posties,
Bringing gifts wrapped in paper and ribbons.
You thought the reindeers did this job,
Now you know it is the gibbons.