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Primary pupils taught in leaking classrooms and without hot water or electricity

PRIMARY pupils as young as four were taught in a school without hot water or electricity, it has emerged.

Youngsters in the P1 and P2 classes at the primary in Loanhoad, Midlothian, also sat alongside buckets that were catching water leaking from the roof.

The local council admits Paradykes Primary building used for the classes is “beyond serviceable life”.

Paradykes Primary School has been slammed for its “deteriorated” condition


Around £208,000 will have to be spent on the crumbling structure to patch it up but councillors have decided to wait before making a decision.

Julie Smith, vice chairwoman of the parent council and mother of a P1 pupil, said: “The patch-up job may see them through the winter but the parents are getting cheesed-off with this.

“It’s dated and it has become over-crowded. For about the last two years the building has deteriorated.

“But the problems have been going on for longer than that. It’s just been patched up when there is a problem. When it rains there is always water coming in.

“There is a smell in the building as well. I’m not sure how that is, but it started in September when we had the heavy rain – that was the worst it has been.”

A Midlothian Council insider confirmed children are still being taught in the dilapidated school.

The source said: “Yes, there are still kids being taught there. The school has on certain occasions had buckets out for leaks to the roof – but the council has been working at repairing them.

“The electricity was switched off for just one day. It has now been fixed and is fully functional as normal.

“There was a problem with the hot water, again for one day but that problem has now been fixed

“The decision on the repairs has been deferred until next year – sometimes [councillors] need more time with these proposals.”



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