Readers want “steamy sex” says Scotland’s answer to 50 Shades author EL James


A SCOTTISH woman has been tipped as the next EL James after her erotic novel topped the Kindle book charts.

Samantha Young has been snapped up by publishers Penguin UK after going straight to number one in the New York Times bestsellers list with steamy thriller On Dublin Street.

Originally self-published On Dublin Street stormed the eBook charts selling 150,000 copies in the first month – even beating JK Rowling to the top of the Kindle charts.

On Dublin Street’s sex scenes are said to just reflect real-life relationships


The book tells the tale of American girl Jocelyn who comes to Scotland to escape her grief when she bumps into Braden – a man who always gets what he wants, and he wants her.

On Dublin Street is proving to be as popular as 50 Shades of Grey – the fastest selling novel of all time – with 26-year-old Samantha already able to buy her relatives’ homes.

Samantha, from Bridge of Allan near Stirling, said the novel started as a way of coping with deaths in her family but as the writing progressed it became more sexy.

She said: “The scenes don’t dominate the story – they’re just what happens in a normal relationship. There’s nothing too shocking.

“I had discussions with friends about how far I should take the sex scenes as I had to be comfortable with what I was writing but at the same time give the readers what they want – they want steamy sex!”

But the imaginative author admitted not all her family are keen on the graphic love scenarios.

She added: “My mum had to skip the naughty bits – she’s proud but mortified it contains sexy scenes written by her little girl.

“My gran however doesn’t have a problem with it at all!”


It sold 150,000 copies as an eBook in its first month


Samantha started writing full-time after she finished studying history at Edinburgh University.

She drew on her feelings of the death of her brother Robert to help shape the story’s main characters

Samantha added: “Robert was killed by a drunk driver when he was 12. I was devastated and don’t think those feelings ever left me.

“A few years ago my brother David was diagnosed with a brain tumour – he’s fine now but that was also a stressful time.

“The whole thing has just been overwhelming – I’m being paid to do something I really enjoy.

“I used the money to pay off my mum’s, dad’s and brother’s mortgages – they deserved to be looked after, especially my brother after all he’s been through.

“I just bought myself a few nice dresses – I rent a property and I’m happy with that.”