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EntertainmentSir Chris Hoy hits out at drugs cheat Lance Armstrong

Sir Chris Hoy hits out at drugs cheat Lance Armstrong

OLYMPIC cycling sensation Sir Chris Hoy has hit out at drugs cheat Lance Armstrong in a series of explosive tweets.

The six-time Olympic champion told his 450,000 followers  it was “hugely frustrating” having to defend his sport against the “greed and deception” of a small minority.

The 36-year-old said he had been inundated with questions following Armstrong’s tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey, which aired on Thursday.


During the meeting, the former Tour De France winner admitted to taking banned substances while cycling competitively.

Despite Armstrong’s apology hitting headlines around the world this week, Hoy said it was time to “look to the future” and move on from the scandal.

In a series of fiery tweets, Hoy, from Edinburgh, wrote: “I’ve been inundated with questions online and at the London Bike Show today about Armstrong’s interview.

“My opinions of him and the damage he has done to cycling haven’t changed in the last 24hrs, however I believe we need to look to the future and move on.

“It’s hugely frustrating to have to defend your sport because of the greed & deception of a small minority.

“My team mates and I will keep doing what we have always done; compete clean and try to win gold medals to show the next generation that it IS possible.”

Clean-living Hoy has never tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs and has been outspoken about disgust at drug cheats in the past.

After Armstrong was stripped of seven Tour de France titles and accused of supplying drugs to team-mates and bullying those who wanted to speak out, Hoy was candid with his opinions.

Speaking about Armstrong in October last year, Hoy said: “No one is too big for cycling. There is now nowhere to hide for the cheats.

“It’s so depressing because of his books that were inspirational to people with cancer, and his charity.

“Then you see this. It’s the scale that’s really shocking as well as who it is. The number involved.”


Hoy’s Twitter comments today (Friday) provoked a strong reaction from his fans.

Mandy Henry wrote: “Sad to see cycling heroes like @chrishoy have to come out and defend themselves and their sport. They prove it is possible to win clean.”

Ms Aero Velo was also supportive of the Scot, writing: “Thanks @chrishoy. It’s people like you who make me realise that cycling is still an amazing sport regardless.”

Caroline Goodall praised the sports star for his words, writing: “Well said Chris-you and the Team GB cyclists are amazing ambassadors-dedication pays off.”

Fed Gibson added: “Well said Chris. It’s a shame that someone who was so many idols had to single-handedly change the sport for the worse.”

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