Blogger mum whose baby died last year reveals she is pregnant again


A BLOGGER who moved the nation with a heartbreaking account of losing her newborn daughter has revealed she is expecting another baby.

Debbie Chalmers enchanted readers last year by writing regular, detailed accounts of her pregnancy – only to have to reveal that baby Daisy had died just a day after she was born.

The 31-year-old’s brave and frank account of the tragedy won her huge admiration and messages of support from around the world.

Debbie announced last month she is expecting another baby
Debbie announced last month she is expecting another baby


Now Debbie, from Rosyth, Fife, has delighted her readers by revealing she will become a mother again in June this year.

She wrote recently on her blog Family Life In Fife: “Today I have some happy news to share with you all.

“In June we’ll be welcoming another baby into our family.  Yes, I’m 15 weeks pregnant with my third child and we’re very happy indeed to be expecting again!

“As for my emotions, to say they are mixed would be a massive understatement.

“Pregnancy can be an emotionally charged time anyway, without the experience we’ve had.  Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while will understand why this is, of course.

“For new readers, this is because this pregnancy follows the death of our last baby, Daisy, in July of last year.”

Debbie has two other children – daughter Lizzie, six, and a stepson Blake, four – and works as a customer co-ordinator at Dunfermline’s Carnegie College.


A photo of Debbie from when she was pregnant with Daisy last year


Writing on Monday this week Debbie, who fundraises for neo-natal death charity Fife Sands, said she was grateful for the support of her husband Douglas, 33.

She added: “Emotional doesn’t even scratch the surface in describing how I am feeling.

“My poor husband. He would probably be kind and describe my alternating moods as somewhat erratic.

“But in all honesty I swing from being elated to scared, to joyous to tearful, in a state of almost perpetual anxiety and occasional denial that my pregnancy is even real.

“I’m sure this is completely normal, given that I am still grieving Daisy’s death.  But I’m sure it makes me very challenging to live with!”

“So I’m channelling my energies into positives where I can, in order to keep myself busy and to help the remaining weeks pass quickly and smoothly.”


The new baby is due in June this year
The new baby is due in June this year

Followers of Debbie who have offered support over the last six months were delighted to hear the good news and posted congratulatory messages.

One wrote: “Lovely news – looks like 2013 is going to be your year after the heartache of the last year, your family deserve a bit of happiness.”

A follower known as Lee said: “Aw, so so happy for you! I was really moved by your story and I feel a bit teary now. Brilliant news! xx”

Sarah added: “Wonderful news. You must be feeling all sorts of emotions at the moment. Don’t worry about blogging, we are all here for you anytime. Lots of love and congratulations. xxx”

And Jess said: “I’ve been following your blog for a while now after seeing your story online and I have never posted a comment but I have been waiting and hoping for this news!

“Your positivity astounds me. I knew (hoped!) it was only a matter of the until you took this journey again and I wish you and your family all the joy and happiness in the world.

“You deserve this more than anyone! xx”


Daisy died around 27 hours after being born
Daisy died around 27 hours after being born


Family Life In Fife was originally set-up in October 2011 to share information on cooking and baking tips but later included pregnancy updates.

But on July 10 last year Debbie openly shared her grief after Daisy passed away.

At the time she wrote: “Our beautiful baby girl arrived on Tuesday 3 July at 0.33am after keeping us waiting 9 days over my due date.  We called her Daisy.

“The delivery went quickly and smoothly following a straightforward pregnancy. However, at birth Daisy was showing signs of being poorly and was transferred to the Special Care Baby Unit for some help.

“Sadly her condition worsened very rapidly.  The doctors were unable to save her and she passed away on Wednesday 4 July at 5.25am.

“Words cannot express how devastated and heartbroken we are feeling. This is the saddest and darkest time of our lives.”

Later blogs included heart-felt letters to her lost child entitled “Letter to Daisy: The moment you came into the world” and “Letter to Daisy: nine months with you.”

She had even considered stopping blogging altogether with a post headed “To blog or not to blog?”


“Thank you”

Lynne Fraser was just one of many who was touched by the tragedy.

She wrote: “Can’t begin to think how you feel after Daisy was part of your life for over 9mths.You must be devasted.Our thoughts are with you all at this time.”

Another follower Penny said: “Heartbreaking. Had a lump in my throat whilst reading this. Wish I lived closer to wipe your tears and give you a big squeeze. My thoughts are with you and your family. Xxx

Fellow blogger Morgan said: “ I haven’t been reading your blog that long, but I connected with you as a fellow frugal person, and the Fife connection. I am so sorry to read about this devastating loss. I will be keeping you in my thoughts, Morgan x.”

Another supporter known as Vee, wrote: “RIP Daisy, my thoughts and prayers are with her Mummy, Daddy and her brother and sister.”

Coming to grips with the level of support Debbie said at the time: “Just to know there are so many others out there who care has been a source of strength to me at this incredibly difficult time.”

But summarising her experiences at the end of 2012, Debbie wrote: “No pregnancy will ever be the same for me; so I will always look back on my special time carrying Daisy with fond memories.

“My marriage continues to be full of love, affection and support.  My husband really is the most amazing, wonderful man and we have managed to pull even closer together since Daisy’s death.

“Family Life continues. There are smiles and happiness despite the sadness.  Daisy will never be forgotten; she will always remain in our hearts and in our thoughts.

“Thank you for sharing 2012 with me.”