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In BriefBark from the dead: Dog's heart stops after being shocked by electric...

Bark from the dead: Dog’s heart stops after being shocked by electric cable

A DOG owner brought his pet back to life after the animal was shocked by an electric cable – stopping its heart twice.

The drama happened last Friday as the unnamed walker and his dog, thought to be a collie, enjoyed a stroll in the grounds of the Lennoxlove Estate, East Lothian.

Despite the electric shock twice stopping the dog’s heart, the owner was able to revive his pet before rushing it to a vet for treatment.

Police and ScottishPower were called to the estate to deal with the incident.

The estate confirmed there had been and “unfortunate situation” after the power cable came down.



Finlay Niven, chief executive of Hamilton and Kinneil Estates, which run Lennoxlove House, said: “A ScottishPower cable came down and unfortunately someone walking their dog had an accident there – it was an unfortunate situation.”

A Scottish Power spokesman said: “We got a report that a dog received a shock. We believe the dog is OK. We have spoken to the owner of the dog and sincerely apologised for any distress caused.

“The cable hadn’t come down, but it had been lowered.”

A Lothian and Borders Police spokesman said police attended but no action was taken.

He said the line had since been repaired and an investigation was ongoing into the incident.

Mike Hall, of Braid Veterinary Hospital’s Dalkeith branch, said dogs which survived electric shocks still needed care and attention.



He said: “We would certainly asses the dog for the broader symptoms of shock, even if it’s an otherwise healthy dog.

“You would listen to the heart rhythm to asses any problems.

“If it’s trod on the cable you would check for burns to its paw, if it’s bitten it you would check for burns to its mouth.

“It would need to be watched very closely, as it could possibly be very nasty.”

Lennoxlove House, which dates back to the 15th Century, hosts the Lennoxlove Book Festival, which last year saw saw Harry Potter author JK Rowling read from her latest book to a packed audience.

In December last year, a black Labrador called Sam was left scared to go outside after recieving an electric shock in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire.



Sam had touched a metal drain cover which had an electric current running through it due to a faulty streetlamp.

Owner Donna Simpson, 36, said: “‘I was just taking him for his usual walk when he suddenly jumped off the pavement onto the road and just went mental.

“Since then, when you head out of the door to take him for a walk, he’s just not having it.

“If you try to cross the road or go anywhere else then that’s it, he digs his heels in and he won’t go – you’ve got to drag him.”

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