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McGregor hints at Vatican chopper intervention

SCOTS star Ewan McGregor has joked about making a spectacular, airborne intervention in the election of the new Pope.

In a reference to the movie Angels and Demons, in which he piloted an antimatter bomb clear of the Vatican during the election of a new Pope, McGregor tweeted he was preparing to reprise the stunt.

As cardinals gathered to elect a new leader of Roman Catholic Church, McGregor told his 300,882 followers: “I’m refreshing my helicopter flying skills.

McGregor had to assure Twitter followers he actually couldn't fly helicopters
McGregor had to assure Twitter followers he actually couldn’t fly helicopters


“I have a job on in Rome tomorrow. Tricky landing in that square so close to those old buildings.”

The joke tweet seemed to catch out some of McGregor’s fans, including comedian Mark Watson.

He wrote back: “It’s a tribute to you that many people, including me, just assumed you probably can fly a helicopter and hadn’t mentioned.”

McGregor then decided to set the record straight, tweeting: “I can’t really fly a helicopter.

“If you want to know what I’m going on about watch Angels and Demons.”

In the 2009 movie, McGregor played Camerlengo Patrick McKenna, an assistant to the Pope.

The blockbuster – which also starred Tom Hanks as heroic Harvard symbologist Prof Robert Langdon – is set around the election of a new pope.

McGregor saved the cardinals by flying a bomb to a safe distance and then parachuting clear before it exploded.

The Scot – who is also famed for driving round the world on his motorbike and who owns a 1964 Ford Mustang and Land Rover Defender – has now appeared in the advert for a new ‘green car’.

It was revealed yesterday (Wed) that McGregor plays a spy being interrogated by Eyes Wide Shut actress Vinessa Shaw in the advert for the new Citroen DS5 – a car with a hybrid diesel and electric motor engine.



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