Minister’s anger as Fife village cemetery runs out of space to bury the dead


A SCOTTISH minister is complaining that his village cemetery has run out of space to bury the dead.

Rev John Reid is upset that people who may have lived all their life in the Fife community of Kinghorn are having to be buried in neighbouring towns.

And the determined churchman revealed he went undercover the expose the situation.

Rev Reid concealed his identity to call the local council and check the situation with burial space in Kinghorn.

He said: “I phoned anonymously after some people had voiced concerns, and I said that if I died I wanted to be buried in Kinghorn and asked what the position was.

“I was told that, if I didn’t have a plot already, I would have to go to Burntisland or Kirkcaldy.

“I am concerned that people, many who have lived their lives in Kinghorn, and who naturally thought that when they die they would be buried in the village cemetery, no longer have that assurance.

“About ten years ago the Council was discussing the issue of a new cemetery at the loch, but nothing seems to have been done. People now can’t buy plots in Kinghorn.

“I think that the powers that be in the Council really need to get their act together and get their act together and get something arranged for the fast approaching day when there are none left.”

Despite Rev. Reid being told there were no plots available, the council have said there are still lairs for people who want to be buried in Kinghorn, but they are not selling the plots in advance due to the limited availability.

George Kay, councillor for the village, said: “What I have been told is that if someone from the village dies and the want to be buried then they won’t be turned away. It is just that no plots are being sold because of the limited space.

“Burial is no longer a popular as it was. If there are 100 spaces left and we only bury 10 people a year then it is not such a pressing issue – but if it is much higher than that then we need to do something about it.”

Plans for burial site were discussed in the village in 2008, but despite agreements with local groups, no plans were ever put into action.