Female motorists are being warned to stay alert while driving alone


LONE female motorists are being warned to be on their guard amid fears  a bogus traffic officer has struck again.

Police in Fife are investigating a report that a man posing as a police officer pulled over a lone woman driver on Saturday.

The disturbing incident, which saw the female being stopped on the  A914 Cupar Road,  follows another incident which took place in January only a few miles away in Cupar Muir.

Lone female motorists advised to be on their guard
Lone female motorists advised to be on their guard


Police in Fife confirmed yesterday (Tuesday)  that they were not ruling out a connection between the incidents.

Female drivers have been advised to ask to see a warrant card if they are pulled over and, if they remain unhappy, to offer to drive to the nearest police station.

In both incidents female motorists were pulled over by the bogus officer, but fortunately  scared the man off after asking him to produce identification.

The man who is described as a being white, from 5ft 9in to 5ft 11in with light coloured short hair receding at the front and sides and who spoke with a local accent. He was driving a blue or black hatchback car.

In the earlier incident in January the fake officer was described as a white male, 5ft 8in, of stocky build with a local accent and with dark hair and longish sideburns. He was driving a light coloured car, thought to be a BMW.

Due to the differing descriptions, police said that they cannot be certain that the same man was responsible for both incidents, however he was not in police uniform on either of the occasions.

In both incidents the man was dressed in dark clothing, and tried to pass of as an officer by wearing a police cap in the January incident, while in the most recent attempt he was wearing a fluorescent jacket.

Chief inspector Jill Harper, who is in charge of the community policing in north-east Fife, said: “These incidents took place several months apart, however on both occasions the drivers did absolutely the right thing and demanded identification, which scared the man off.

“I would like to emphasise that it is most unusual for a police officer in an unmarked car to pull over motorists.

“On the very rare occasion when it is necessary to do so, all police officers carry a warrant card and will happily produce it on request.

“Should anyone find themselves in this position and be unsure, they should not get out of their car and indicate they will follow the car the the nearest police station.”