“Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal” – Scots film-maker Ryan McHenry takes internet by storm


JOKE videos showing movie hunk Ryan Gosling “refusing to eat cereal” have propelled an aspiring Scots film-maker to internet stardom.

Ryan McHenry’s hilarious videos called “Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal” have been shared by millions around the world – including Jezebel and Hollywood news company E!

The 25-year-old made the clips by holding a spoon up to a television screen and timing Gosling’s on-screen gestures to make it look like he is refusing to eat cereal.

The videos generated 4,000 “likes” in just two hours
The videos generated 4,000 “likes” in just two hours


Ryan – who is from Dumfries but lives in Glasgow – initially shared the series of videos – each just six seconds long – with just eight followers on video-sharing website Vine.

After just three days Ryan’s followers rocketed to more than 9,000 with fans all over the world sharing the footage – generating 4,000 “likes” in just two hours.

But he admits he is still to hear from Gosling himself and “would love to hear what he thinks”.

Ryan – a former Edinburgh College of Art student and part-time HMV worker – got the idea while he was watching award-winning thriller Drive while eating a bowl of Rice Krispies.

He said: “I was just sitting there with the bowl in my hand and seen Gosling’s face twitch on screen like he was refusing something.

“That’s when I got on my knees and put my spoon to the screen and just took it from there.”


The hilarious clips are only six seconds long
The hilarious clips are only six seconds long


The films used in the clips include scenes from Drive, Ides Of March, Crazy Stupid Love, Blue Valentine, Lars and the Real Girl and an interview clip for upcoming movie The Place Beyond The Pines.

The videos have been shared by thousands of Twitter users.

User “Jake M” said: “@RyanWMcHenry Vines of Ryan Gosling refusing cereal are the best thing of your week / life.”

Web developer Andy Thomas wrote: “The “Ryan Gosling Cereal” Vines are a stroke of warped genius. Have a browse through @RyanWMcHenry’s Media Gallery for them.”


Ryan (McHenry) has to watch whole movies in order to time the gestures
Ryan (McHenry) has to watch whole movies in order to time the gestures


Jezebel’s tweet said: “These Ryan Gosling cereal vines are the best vines to ever be vined.”

And E! Online wrote: “”Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal” Is the Reason Vine Was Created.”

Glamour magazine even added the videos to their “20 Reasons We’re So Happy The Internet Exists” feature.

Major corporations such as Topman UK and the Innocent smoothie drinks company have also “re-tweeted” the clips.

In 2011 Ryan won a BAFTA as a producer in the “new talent” category for his short-film work.

He made a 15-minute short called Zombie Musical during his third year of university that was then picked up by BAFTA bosses.


The clips have been most popular in the US
The clips were made popular in the US thanks to video-sharing site Vine


But the film-maker said making the Gosling-cereal videos is a lot harder than it looks.

He said: “It looks fun and easy, but it’s quite hard to make that six seconds of footage.

“You have to sit through a whole film and make notes about where is good to get the spoon out.

“I also had to change cereals from Rice Krispies to Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes because the price went up.

“Because of these Gosling videos I’m also now forced to eat loads more cereal – but it’s worth it.”


Ryan Gosling's reaction to the clips remains a mystery
Ryan Gosling’s reaction to the clips remains a mystery


Joanne – Ryan’s girlfriend of three years – has been supportive of the trendy film-making but Ryan apologised to her on Facebook for commandeering her television.

He joked: “Thanks for your patience while I tried to feed cereal to the TV.”

Other friends were overwhelmed by the success of the Scottish lad.

Pal Ryan McColgan wrote: “You realise you’ve gifted Mr Gosling a HUGE advertising contract for a cereal brand now yes?”


Film-maker Ryan has now been inundated with celebrity Twitter followers
Film-maker Ryan has now been inundated with celebrity Twitter followers


Ryan added: “The level of success this has had is insane – I’m getting notifications like every 10 seconds to say it’s been shared or re-tweeted.

“I think it’s bigger in the US because the Vine site is more popular over there – but after big companies started sharing it the uptake was massive – I got 4,000 likes in no time at all.

“The popularity really spans all different social classes – I think it’s because Ryan Gosling is basically the superstar of the moment but also the humour is really simplistic and something everyone can appreciate.

“I know Ryan Gosling’s got a Twitter but I don’t think he uses it – I would love to hear what he thinks of them.”


To view the clips in the entirety click the following click – http://gosloving.blogspot.ca/2013/05/ryan-gosling-wont-eat-his-cereal.html