‘Heaviest baby in 15 years’ born in Edinburgh


A BABY said to be the heaviest born in Edinburgh in 15 years was delivered earlier this month, weighing a huge 11 pounds and eight ounces.

Stuart George Turnbull Pearson, born on 7 May to Hibs-mad parents Fiona and Stuart, was a late arrival at 11 days after his due date.

The youngster is already filling out a football strip designed for a four month old, and is named Turnbull after former managed Eddie Turnbull.

Stuart and Fiona with baby Stuart, showing off their team colours.
Stuart and Fiona with baby Stuart, showing off their team colours.

Midwives said he is the city’s biggest baby in 15 years.

Fiona, 35, is no stranger to big babies, her two other boys topping 9 pounds on the scales, but she had a feeling Stuart would be a big baby.

“We weren’t that surprised because I was huge during the pregnancy, I was ridiculously big,” she said.

She gave birth to Stuart naturally, with only gas and air to numb the pain as he arrived too quickly for an epidural.

But unlike most women, with baby Stuart cravings and weight gain weren’t a problem for her, she said.

“I didn’t have much of an appetite during the pregnancy, it was Stuart who had the cravings,” she said.

“Stuart was eating pizza like it was going out of fashion; he’s ended up being the one to put weight on during the pregnancy.”

Baby Stuart  is expected to develop normally, despite his large size at birth, and is currently feeding like an average sized newborn.

While Fiona waited for their little boy to make an arrival, Stuart, 35, braved the weather to get tickets to see Hibs take on Celtic in the Scottish Cup Final.

Stuart said: “A move Fiona encouraged, even though she wouldn’t be able to make the match.

“We’re both Hibs fans and so decided to name him Turnbull after Famous Five forward and former manager, Eddie Turnbull.”

Since his birth Stuart has already witnessed cup final heartbreak after Hibs’ defeat to Celtic in the Scottish Cup and derby day joy in Hibs’ first defeat over Hearts of the season.