Best scone in Scotland costs just 35p


A PERTHSHIRE bakery officially has the best scone in Scotland – and they cost just 35p.

Athole Bakery, ran by Sandy and Angela McKinnon in Blairgowrie, Perthshire, won the honour at the Scottish Baker of the Year 2013 awards.

The pair attributed the success of their plain scones to hand-making and 30 years’ experience.

Scone pic

Sandy said: “It’s nice to know your products are valued and it’s nice to know that people enjoy your products – that’s why we bake.

“The scone is hand-made, all our goods are hand-made, and we are craftsmen.

“It’s the care we take to make them.”

The couple also won an ‘Exceptional Product’ award for their soda farl which Angela said was more rewarding than the main prize.

She said: “The farl is in all of the supermarkets we supply to so it is a more national product.

“We were the only bakery to be rewarded with a special prize so we’re delighted about that.”

And she thanked all of her customers who voted for the scone and the farl.

“It is a customer based competition, they have to go and fill in the form so they have to take the time in the shop or online so we really appreciate that.”

Gordon McGhee, president of Scottish Bakers, praised them by saying they have “shown time and again that they are a worthy winner by making it through each and every stage of the competition with flying colours”.