A pregnant blogger who wrote about losing her baby has given birth to a healthy girl


A PREGNANT blogger who touched the hearts of the nation when she wrote about losing her baby has given birth to a healthy girl.

Delighted Debbie Chalmers is resting at home in Rosyth, Fife, after having baby Molly on June 28.

Debbie posted online a joyful picture of her herself, Molly and her big sister, Lizzie, seven.

Debbie with daughters, Lizzie, 7, and baby Molly


Molly arrived just five days before the first anniversary of the birth on July 3 last year  of baby Daisy, who died the following day.

Speaking on her doorstep at home, Debbie, 32, said: “We’re really happy but our hands are a bit full at the moment.”

Friends of the family have shared in the joy of Debbie and husband Douglas, leaving well wishes for the family.

Sarah Woodward commented on Facebook: “Congratulations on the arrival of Molly, Debbie! The pictures are all beautiful and you all look really happy. Very very please for you all and hope you’re managing some sleep in the middle of all the excitement! xx”

Another friend, Nichola Henn said: “Aww Debbie you look fab and lizzie and Molly are just adorable. Xx perfect moment. x”

Kirsty Ballantyne Smith wrote: “What a love picture Debbie. Lizzie is in love.”

Debbie set up the “Family Life in Fife” blog in 2011 with the intention of sharing frugal living tips but followers soon found themselves on a journey with Debbie as she went through pregnancy.

Thousands of readers followed her progress only to learn the baby had died.

Debbie wrote at the time: “Our beautiful baby girl arrived on Tuesday 3 July at 0.33am after keeping us waiting 9 days over my due date.  We called her Daisy.

“Words cannot express how devastated and heartbroken we are feeling.  This is the saddest and darkest time of our lives.

She added: “We are taking strength from the support and kindness of others around us at this incredibly difficult time.

“Thank you to all of you who sent messages asking how things are.  I’m very sad to be sharing such upsetting news.”

Debbie last updated her readers on Molly’s progress the day before she was born.

She wrote: “I’ve pretty much held my breath for the best part of nine months.  I’ve occupied my days and filled my time and tried my very best to keep my head above water.  I always knew that this pregnancy was going to be difficult, in so many ways.

“But I continue to be surprised by the twists and turns in my emotions, right up into the final weeks.

“At times I feel completely overwhelmed with panic; bubbling in my throat and gripping at my heart and threatening to consume me, the fright and the worry that something will go wrong and I’ll have another baby in my heart instead of my arms.”

She added that despite the understandable nerves, there was of course excitement about the birth.

“There’s also a sense of tentative anticipation.  Maybe, just maybe, this baby will be born, she will take her first breath herself and they will pass her to me straight away.

“Maybe I will be able to hold her into my arms and gaze lovingly at her face for the first time.”
“ Maybe I’ll stroke her cheek and kiss her forehead and Dad and I will beam with joy and love for our new daughter.”