Potty decision leaves drivers with crossed legs on Edinburgh’s trams


EDINBURGH TRAM drivers could be forced to cross their legs for up to an hour as there will be no driver toilets along the £776 million line.

A report into the business case for the tram system has revealed that drivers may end up having to hold it in as they travel the eight-mile route across the city.

No staff toilets will be available outside of the Gogar based station and so drivers will have to complete the circuit before they spend a penny.

Potty decision leaves drivers with crossed legs
Potty decision leaves drivers with crossed legs


But not everyone will have to worry – at least seven drivers will have constant access to the facilities as they are based at the loo-laden depot, responsible for turning the trams around.

Consultancy firm Atkins, who is examining the tram operation plans, says that this may be unacceptable.

The report made by the firm stated that there is: “a lack of provision of facilities for drivers’ physical necessities at York Place – breaks for physical necessities are only envisaged at the depot and this may not be acceptable.”

But this is not the first time a problem of this kind has reared its head for our city driver.

Transport and planning consultant, Robert Drysdale, spoke about Lothian Buses drivers, explaining: “On the number 16 route, the bus driver goes all the way from Silverknowes to Colinton and he doesn’t get a break at any point throughout that.”

This revelation follows a series of embarrassing truths about the plans which have cost taxpayers £776 million so far.

Travel times along the route have set at an estimated 33 minutes however the city’s Airlink bus shuttle is considerably quicker.

They advertise that they can get passengers to the airport in just 20 minutes –  a timely difference to those rushing to the gates.

And now the trams have been labelled an “overpriced downgrade” of the city’s travel system by MSP Marco Biagi.

He said: “The average visitor wants to get into the city as quickly as possible and they’re not going to choose the tram if it’s slower.

“How will the trams break even financially if they don’t even have the aiport market?”

He added: “People used to think the tram line was just an overpriced upgrade for the airport bus. Now we all know it’s just an overpriced downgrade.”