An OAP has fulfilled his dream of writing a novel – with the Edinburgh tram fiasco as inspiration


AN OAP has finally fulfilled his dream of publishing a novel – thanks to the Edinburgh trams fiasco.

James Hall, 88, said the saga of delays and overspending helped make him so angry that he finally penned a work of fiction.

The book, My Resignation, has been picked up by London publishers Austin Macauley and will hit the  shops today (Fri).

AN exasperated OAP left angered by the tram debacle and other national disgraces has penned his first novel - at 88.

Mr Hall’s simmering fury with government incompetence turned red-hot with the huge overspend on the Holyrood parliament building.

But it was the endless delays, overspending and disruption associated with the Edinburgh trams project that finally turned anger into literature.

The grandfather of seven’s tale concerns a retired civil servant who is so angry at bungling administrators that he decides the only way to change things it to make a bid for number 10.

Mr Hall said: “I’m not anti-government, I’m anti-stupid government.

“The trams is a total and utter disaster. I would place the blame above the council and out it with the government.

“If you’re going to spend money then you’ve got to make sure it is being spent properly.

“They’ve relayed the rails three times, is that progress?”

Mr Hall said endless delays over upgrading the A9 to dual carriageway had also contributed to his anger.

He added: “The Holyrood overspend was a disaster.”

Wife of 56 years, Christine, said: “He’s not expecting to be a JK Rowling or an Iain Banks. I’m looking forward to seeing it in book form at our local shop tomorrow.

“I am very proud of his achievements.”

Mr Hall added: “Every now and then over the years I’ve thought about writing a book but it was only three years ago that I got around to it.

“It’s a great legacy to leave behind. At this moment in time I’m quite excited about it all.

“I’ve kept it all quite quiet from friends but those who have read the book have said it’s not a bad story.”

With the average age of debut novelists at 40, Kat Parr, of Austin Macauley, said mature writers often bring good life experience to texts.

“My Resignation is an insightful and enjoyable clever work that reads all the richer for the author’s experiences.

“It may be a cliche to say, write what you know, but there are few authors who write better than those who have a full life to draw on for inspiration.

“At 88-years-old, this is certainly something to which James and his book are a testament.”

The £776m controversial tram line is set to be ready for use in April in 2014.

It was revealed that tram drivers had to take personality tests to determine if they were the right people for the job, and that there would be no driver’s toliets along the eight mile route.