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Bungling cookery teacher who caused whole school evacuation is struck off

A SCOTS cookery teacher has agreed to be struck off after she let oil overheat and caused the evacuation of a whole school.

Adrienne Park, from West Dunbartonshire, agreed to be banned from the classroom after a string of blunders which including leaving a knife cupboard unlocked.

The domestic science teacher also mixed up students’ results, meaning that some pupils who had passed their course were registered as a fail with the SQA.

Three teachers from across Scotland agreed to be struck off


Ms Park was one of three teachers who agreed to be struck off yesterday by the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) at a series of hearings in Edinburgh.

George Stewart Murdoch, from Edinburgh, agreed to a ban from the classroom after he was convicted of a breach of the peace in 2011.

Kathleen Rogerson from Midlothian agreed to be struck off after she submitted exam work to the SQA knowing it had not been done by her pupils.

In the case of Ms Park, the GTCS said that in October 2011 she caused a whole school fire alarm evacuation.

This happened after she failed to cover a pot containing overheating oil with a damp cloth, which could have resulted in a fire in the class.

She also failed to appropriately store knives in her classroom and did not supervise pupils properly while they were cooking.

In November 2009 she made several mistakes relating to pupils’ marks.

This included stating that one pupil should be moved to a lower class, although they had passed their recent tests with a B.

In May 2011 Ms Park told the SQA that three of her S4 Standard Grade Hospitality students had failed the course despite evidence in their work folders that showed they had passed all the course units.

In this same period of time Ms Park passed three of her S3 Hospitality pupils when they should have failed.

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