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Friends of a woman dying from a brain tumour are donning special underwear to help pay for her bucket list

A SCOTTISH woman dying from a brain tumour has persuaded friends and family to don “cancer is pants” underwear to help pay for her “bucket list”.

Leighanne Easton, 26, has just months to live but needs to raise hundreds of pounds to fulfill her dying wishes.

So friends and family are forking out £2.50 a time for specially-made underwear bearing the logo in bright red lettering “Cancer is pants”.

The pants are being sold to raise money for Leighanne’s bucket list

Supporters are wearing the pants – Superman-style over the trousers – everywhere they go, including work.

The first order of 100 pairs have already sold out and campaigners are waiting for fresh supplies.

Barmaid Leighanne, from Jedburgh, Scottish Borders, was given the devastating news two weeks ago that she has just months to live.

She is suffering from an aggressive and incurable form of the disease which was only diagnosed three months ago.

Leighanne’s “bucket list” – a gallows humour reference to kicking the bucket – includes white water rafting, being towed on a sledge by a quad bike and driving a tractor.

Fulfilling her ambitions will need hundreds, and possibly thousands, of pounds and friends have been quick to post out pants to raise cash.

Childhood friend Stacey Wylie said: “We came up with the idea when we were messaging each other saying how life was pants and really how cancer is pants and it just sort of stuck.

“So we decided to get people wearing these pants around town to raise funds for Leighanne.”

The 28-year-old added: “I don’t know how fast she will go and that’s what is really scary.

“She’s been so brave and inspirational through all this and it just makes us even more determined to help fulfill her dreams and raise awareness of brain tumours.

“So we’re asking people to wear them when going around their daily business and also when they go to work.

“We want to make the last few months of her life truly amazing and so we want to help her complete that bucket list.

“She’s been hit with the worst possible diagnosis straight away but has been so strong and brave. She really is an inspiration for us all and has been a rock for her family and friends.”

Leighanne is currently receiving treatment in the Western General Hospital, Edinburgh.

The former barmaid already has tickets booked to watch her favourite team, Hibernian FC play Aberdeen later this month.

The inspirational woman is also due to go watch Scotland take on Italy in a rugby name next month.

Player, Greig Laidlaw is to give a signed team shirt to Leighanne on the day of the match.

She recently posted on the fundraising Facebook page: “Absolutely amazingly brilliant! Huge thank you to everyone that has gotten involved! Especially to you Stacey.”

Stacey added: “I’ve known her since she was born so to hear about a friend that close really throws you.

“She’s two years younger than me and it’s absolutely heart-breaking.”

Leighanne was suffering from headaches last year and investigations eventually revealed a brain tumour.

She was initially given one to four years to live. But two weeks ago, after undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy, Leighanne received the news she was now “counting down the months” instead.

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