Friday, August 19, 2022
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Smokey the pigeon survives chimney ordeal

A SINGED pigeon is being nursed back to health after it flew down a chimney and into a roaring fire.

Smokey the pigeon – as he has been nicknamed – was rescued from a fiery death by the shocked owners of the property.

Smokey suffered singed feathers and feet after flying down the chimney
Smokey suffered singed feathers and feet after flying down the chimney


The bird suffered singed feathers and burned feet but is expected to make a full recovery, helped by staff at the Scottish SPCA’s National Wildlife Rescue Centre at Fishcross near Alloa.

Colin Liddell, assistant manager of the centre, said Smokey is doing “remarkably well” following his traumatic accident.

But he said it will be a while before he can fly due to the damage to his feathers.

Staff are using antibiotics, painkillers and cooling antiseptic gel on the bird, but Mr Liddell said that they may have to consider other methods to help heal his wings.

Mr Liddell said, “Smokey is doing remarkably well considering the traumatic time he’s had lately.

“His feet are swollen and sore from the fire.

“He is eating absolutely everything on offer and is able to walk, however, he can’t fly at all at the moment.

“We may have to pluck the burnt feathers out to encourage new growth and we hope that he’ll make a full recovery once this happens.

“In the meantime, he’ll remain in our care until he’s fully fit and able to fly. Only then will we release him back into the wild.

“Hopefully he’s learned his lesson and won’t be sitting on any chimney pots after this lucky escape.”

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