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‘F-bomb’ website pinpoints Scotland’s foul-mouthed Tweets

THE west of Scotland leaves the east standing when it comes to dropping Twitter F-bombs, according to a new map.

The online site – – records each time a Twitter user anywhere in the world uses the F-word.

And a two-hour experiment yesterday proved conclusively that Glasgow and the west is far more potty-mouthed than Edinburgh and the south-east.

F-bombs were more frequently dropped in the west, the map shows

Between 11am and 1pm, Twitter users in the Glasgow area dropped at least eight F-bombs.

Edinburgh and the south east of the country lagged behind with a mere five.

But the really obvious trend was a faultline of profanity running diagonally across the country from Ayrshire to  Angus.

And while the central belt of Scotland really does need to wash its mouth out with soap and water, the north, Highlands and border areas seemed pretty clean-living.

Among the dozens of dirty words dropped by Scots Twitter users yesterday lunchtime only six were in the north. And apart from a foul-mouthed outburst in the Prestwick area, there were none in the south.

The site, set up by Canadian student Martin Gingras, tracks uses of the expletive in real-time using locations attached to Tweets, and has proved a huge hit online.

Edinburgh university applied linguistics professor John Joseph said the site was “very interesting.”

He said: “In Scotland you can see a high density of swearing stretching from Glasgow across the Central Belt to Dunfermline.

“Our own research has found that swearing is a form of social bonding among friends and used more by those who are comfortable with long-?established social ties.

“Edinburgh has more people coming and going than Glasgow. People don’t have the same fixed social ties.

“Also the stereotype of Edinburgh being a bit prim might have some ­accuracy to it.”

Yesterday’s F-bomb classics from Glasgow included @angelab0409 with: “Swear an Eskimo just walked passed me in Buchanan galleries… Anno it’s cauld but c’mon tae f***…”

And @ZoeLindaDickson, from Cardonald, wrote: “Aim another tweet at me and I’m going to rip your legs off and kick f*** out you with them rat”.

And In Aberdeen, @ShaneWebster, did his bit for the north east with: “Second Friday of college where we have done fuck all”

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