AC/DC fans campaign to get Christmas number one


THE UK charts could be left “Thunderstruck” this Christmas if a campaign to get AC/DC to number one is successful.

Loyal fans of the 1970’s rock band have launched a Facebook campaign to try and get the rock legends their first number one hit in Britain.

The group, whose three founding members were Scottish, celebrate their 40th anniversary this year and fans want to see “Highway to Hell” storm the charts in memory of the years.

"Bon" Scott was born in Forfar before spending his first few years in Kirriemuir
“Bon” Scott was born in Forfar before spending his first few years in Kirriemuir


More than 72,000 fans have already “liked” the campaign and more than 100,000 people are currently talking after it was launched just four days ago.

And although the identity of the page owners is unknown, they maintain that AC/DC are “the greatest rock n’ roll bands this planet has ever seen”.

Alternative number ones is a trend that has taken over at Christmas time in recent years after Rage Against the Machine beat X Factor winner Joe McElderry to the top stop after a successful social media bid.

Fans of the band are being urged to get behind their boys and buy the 1979 single Highway to Hell from December 15.


Despite performing around the world, the band never managed to get a UK number one single (Picture: Wiki Commons)

Founders of the AC/DC Highway to Hell for Christmas Number 1, said: “AC/DC are an institution that transcends generations.

“There are pensioners into them and there are school kids into them.

“It doesn’t matter what age you are, AC/DC are just one of the greatest rock ‘n roll bands this planet has ever seen.”

Commenting on the overwhelming support in such a short space of time, the anonymous owners said: “It’s astonishing, but just shows the sheer affection for the band and perhaps even good music in general.”