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Apology from student union chief after video of Stirling University students’ sexist song on bus

A STUDENT union leader has apologised after he joined undergraduates who were bombarding passengers on a packed bus with obscene, sexist chants and singing.

Richard Raymond was part of a group of Stirling University students who took part in the boorish singing session on a bus from the campus to the city centre.

Mr Raymond is vice president of “education and engagement” at the university – meaning he is responsible for the “promotion and awareness of physical, sexual, mental health and wellbeing of students”.

Students at the back of the bus break into a loud chant

But Stirling University is now investigating the behaviour of the hockey club members after their outrageous antics were captured on video and uploaded to YouTube.

The ‘Stirling lads on a bus’ video has had more than 33,000 views since it was posted.

Following widespread condemnation, Mr Raymond has said he is “ashamed” of his behaviour and promised he and the group will receive anti-sexism training.

The video shows other passengers on the no. 63 Stirling-Alloa circular grinning sheepishly or putting their heads in their hands as the students unleash a barrage of filth.

Mr Raymond released a statement on Tuesday saying: “Firstly I would like to apologise for my actions, they are not acceptable and I deeply regret it.

“I tried to remove myself from the incident by moving to the other end of the bus. Currently the union is taking appropriate actions in the form of an internal discipline.”

He said the sports team would receive anti-sexual harassment training: “Firstly the men’s hockey team will be receiving a discipline internally.

 “We will be organising get SAVI training for sports teams, which the hockey team and myself will be attending.

“This will help start to tackle the cultural aspect of lad culture and show that it is not acceptable under any circumstances.”

Mr Raymond moves to the other end of the bus after sitting with the group
Mr Raymond moves to the other end of the bus after sitting with the group

He continued: “I offer my apologies again, this is something that I am ashamed of and will have to deal with for a long time.

“I realise that as an elected officer that even after my discipline is completed I am still accountable to the student body who have elected me into this role.”

Mr Raymond’s role as a team of one of four sabbatical officers means he takes a year out of his studies to represent students at the university.

 One student who was on the bus, Stuart Mower, told a student newspaper the group were on their way to a initiation party for freshers at a student accommodation block.

He said:  “They were all going to a party at John Forty’s and were sort of hazing the new freshers. They were pretty drunk and decided to do one of their chants obnoxiously loud basically so that everyone could hear it.”

 A statement from Stirling University Students Union said: “The University of Stirling and Students’ Union has been made aware of a video pertaining to feature its students and is now investigating this further.

“The University and Students’ Union takes incidents of this nature very seriously and where appropriate, disciplinary action will be taken.”

 The video attracted dozens of comments criticising the behaviour of the men, while others defended them.

Eilidh Brown posted on the video: “They aren’t teenagers, the ringleaders are 4th year students who’ll be graduating in June/July.

“They are adults. They’ll be looking for graduate jobs. If anything it shows how widespread and deep rooted misogyny is.

 But ‘Kasey Escape’ posted: “This chant is obviously just a bit of fun and I’m sure none of us actually believe that these guys are promoting anything untoward.

“I hope the university realizes this and doesn’t treat the guys too harshly, simply to satisfy those who have complained.”

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