Nicky Campbell complains he’s being soaked by drivers after Salford move


SCOTS broadcaster Nicky Campbell has complained that Mancunian drivers deliberately splash him when he’s jogging.

The BBC Radio 5 Live presenter is based at the BBC’s new headquarters in Salford’s Media City.

Speaking on the show earlier this week, the 52-year-old revealed that motorists in the notoriously rainy city can’t resist soaking him.

Campbell told listeners on Monday: “Look it’s raining here in the North West of England, just looked out of the window.”

Speaking to weatherman Michael Fish, he added: “I’m going for a run later, can you fix it? With your potions and your leg of frog and eye of newt? With all your scientific stuff.”

After Fish said that he would see what he could do, Campbell revealed: “Cos you know what people do at times like this?

“There’s big puddles on the road and they drive past deliberately trying to splash.”

Laughing co-presenter Rachel Burden told him: “No that’s just you.”

Campbell moaned: “They can’t even see who I am, they can say, ‘Oh that’s that bloke from the Wheel of Fortune’.

“They deliberately do it and they think it’s a big issue.”

Best known for his presenting on Watchdog, the Edinburgh-born presenter was one of the first to sign up for the BBC’s move to Media City in 2011.