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Business'Package for Nicole Kidman' - Courier firm reveals 10 strangest deliveries

‘Package for Nicole Kidman’ – Courier firm reveals 10 strangest deliveries

A GIANT model giraffe, rugby’s Heineken Cup and a cat who travelled nearly 500 miles are among a top courier firm’s strangest deliveries.

Eagle Couriers, which celebrates 25 years of operating in Glasgow this month, also helped save a bride’s wedding day by delivering a vital part of her dress on time.

The firm has compiled a list of the 10 strangest and most memorable deliveries in its history, including a mystery package for Nicole Kidman.

Director Jerry Stewart said “no two days are ever the same.”


In 2009, one of the firm’s drivers ensured the safe return of a beloved family cat to Edinburgh, from 478 miles away in Plymouth.

Miraculously discovered at a bank in the south of England a year after he disappeared, Sampson was driven home to Penicuick by an Eagle Courier’s driver free of charge to Jansen family who mourned his loss.

Other quirky deliveries include transporting a 7ft model giraffe, Gina, to the Moet Hennessey offices in London – in one piece – from the Glenmorangie distillery in the Highlands town of Tain for a promotional event.

The firm also delivered a life-size Horace the Haggis costume to BBC newsreader Sally Magnusson’s book launch.

Eagle Couriers, Scotland’s biggest independent courier firm, also delivered a top-secret package on behalf of the BBC to Hollywood actress, Nicole Kidman in Los Angeles.

A delivery driver rushed to the rescue of an unfortunate bride who left part of her wedding day dress in Glasgow on the morning of her wedding in Aberdeen.

Her special day was saved when the last-minute delivery meant the skirt arrived just minutes before the ceremony began.



The Scottish firm provided a specialist van when a keen businessman on eBay struggled to find a company to take on the delivery of a set of canoes.

Eagle Couriers managed to transport the canoes from Glasgow to the winning bidder’s home in South Wales without having to set sail.

Eagle Couriers drivers have also counted two frogs, Spock and Sylar, as passengers.

One of its drivers moved the pair to Glasgow from an amphibian rescue specialist, Michelle Hamilton, in Edinburgh.

Over the past number of years in business, the firm has been trusted with the safe transit of sporting treasures such as the Heineken Cup, the Calcutta Cup and the SPL trophy over its history in business in Scotland.

Jerry Stewart, director of Eagle Couriers, said: “After 25 years in the business, we’ve seen everything.

“People in Scotland have come to trust our name and reputation which leads them to call us for all their courier needs, which includes the safe transit of valuable items, meaningful keepsakes and on the rare occasion, live animals.

“One of the things I cherish the most about our business and the industry is that no two days are ever the same.

“We meet interesting people with interesting requirements every day from all over Scotland which is a great incentive to come to work and enjoy what we do.

“People may have the impression that our jobs are routine, but we are met with quirky requests every day that keep us on our toes and keep us looking forward to business in the future.

“Our customers will always come first, so we maintain that no job is too big or too small – or even too obscure. Hearing people’s stories and meeting their needs is an integral part of our business.

“Celebrating 25 years in business is a great achievement for us – we look forward to 25 more, with more interesting deliveries and stories to share.”

The firm has a team of  around 100 couriers around Scotland.


Eagle Couriers’ top ten most memorable deliveries

1. A beloved family cat, driven 478 miles from Plymouth back to Penicuik
2. A 7ft model giraffe, Gina, delivered to the Moet Hennessey offices in London
3. A life-size Horace the Haggis costume
4. Sperm samples
5. A BBC package transported to Hollywood for award-winning actress Nicole Kidman
6. An undercoat for a bride’s wedding dress – delivered minutes before the wedding
7. A set of canoes sold on eBay
8. A pair of false tomato frogs
9. The Heineken Cup
10. Ashes




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