Pesky pranksters transform traffic light into marijuana leaf


VANDALS transformed a green traffic light into a marijuana plant leaf in Aberdeen – but none of the local council’s 7,000 workers appeared to notice.

The lights, near a Tesco Extra in the Danestane area of the city, had a black stencil placed over the bulb, illuminating the shape when traffic are told to go.

The image, which emerged from a local news Facebook page, has caused hilarity amongst local residents and readers.

Pranksters caused many giggles after transforming a traffic light with a stencil
Pranksters caused many giggles after transforming a traffic light with a stencil

The alteration was made “several weeks” ago but was only dealt with yesterday when it was drawn to the attention of the council.

Writing on the Fubar News page on Facebook, Jamie Murray said: “I would love to think its a Xmas tree but no doubt some youths will say it’s supposed to be weed.”

Amanda Malcolm agreed, saying: “This is not a Xmas tree haha. Probably some youth plopped a sticker over it.”

And Scott Kidd joked: “Haha, if you suddenly see these things crop up all over town… don’t blame me.”

One user even started a “hash” tag – saying “#graffitiaintdeadyet”.

A spokeswoman for Aberdeen City Council admitted: “It hasn’t been reported to the Road Traffic Team but they will take a look and if they find a stencil has been placed on it, they will replace the green light.”

When asked if any of the council’s 7000 employees had reported the incident, she said that while “they’re not obliged to report it”, “it may have been difficult to see what the symbol was when they were driving.”

The council later added that the lens had been replaced after investigation showed a cardboard stencil had been glued to the light.