Lorraine Kelly threatens legal action over online diet pill advert


LORRAINE Kelly has threatened to take legal action after falling victim to a suspected diet pill scam for the second time.

The Scots TV presenter said she was “extremely angry” after she was alerted to an advertisement which claims that she used the herbal tablets to lose weight.

In a snapshot taken from a Facebook page the manufacturer of the Raspberry Ketone pills has shown “before” and “after” shots of Kelly, stating that she used the tablets to help lose weight.

The advert was drawn to Kelly’s attention by a Twitter follower, prompting an angry response from the star


Raspberry Ketone pills are herbal tablets used to quicken the metabolism.

It is unclear from the tweet which site used Kelly in their advertisement.

One of Kelly’s followers, Sue Humphries, tweeted her saying: “Do you know these people are using your picture to advertise their raspberry ketone tablets???”

Along with this Ms Humphries posted a screenshot of the advert.

Kelly replied that she had no idea about the advertisement and that she would be seeking legal action.

Kelly replied that she would be taking legal advice


She tweeted: “Thank you Sue. I’m extremely angry about this. Will be taking legal advice. Will get lawyers into that asap!”

In June last year, Kelly was caught up in a similar situation when several companies selling raspberry ketone tablets stated that she, along with Kate Middleton, Victoria Beckham and Adele had used their product to lose weight.

The companies all issued their adverts through Facebook.

At the time, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said that the adverts were misleading and upheld complaints which had been made.

The adverts were subsequently banned from appearing on the web.