Frankie Boyle jokes he’s ‘moving on’ as Netflix declares he is English


ONLINE movie site Netflix has described Scots comedian Frankie Boyle as English.

The nationality blunder was made in the caption on Glasgow-born Boyles’ 2008 live show.

Netflix said that in Frankie Boyle Live “the sharp-tongued English comic is at his razor sharp best”.

One of Boyle’s loyal army of Twitter followers, Laura Kate, spotted the mistake and told the star: “According to Netflix you are English!”

Boyle retweeted the picture and told his 1.4 million fans: “Thanks to all who enjoyed my Scottish character, time to move on.”

Still Game actor Greg Hemphill joked: “First they tried to take Andy Murray and now Frankie Boyle.”

And former Taggart actor Colin McCredie joined in with the banter, tweeting that “next they’ll be trying to claim Rod Stewart.”

Boyle once tweeted on the issue of Scottish independence “it’s an ‘aye’ from me, man”.

In March last year he joked: “I hope Scotland gets its Independence, largely because an annual Scottish Independence Day will look like the D Day Landings.”