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Dangerous dogs kept on “death row” in kennels near Dundee

AS many as seven dangerous dogs are being kept on “death row” in kennels near Dundee, it emerged today.
The animals are locked up at the private kennels at a cost to taxpayers of £2,450 a week while the authorities decide their fate.
All the dogs, which the kennels charge £50 a day each to look after, are believed to have been involved in attacks and face being put down.
Pic Credit: George Hodan The animals are locked up at the private kennels
Pic Credit: George Hodan
The animals are locked up at the private kennels
One of the dogs is due to be destroyed after Sheriff Kenneth McGowan ruled its attack on a elderly woman was serious enough to merit a death sentence.
In some cases, a dog behaviourist is called in to access whether or not a dog is too dangerous to be kept alive – at a cost of £1000.
It is claimed by insiders that the Crown Office has paid almost £44,000 on keeping dogs at the facility.
A source said: “I know there are seven dogs locked up in kennels and the kennel owners are being paid £50 a day to keep them there.
“That’s £350 a day for all seven while the Crown decides whether a dog should be put down.
“But in the end, wit all the delays, it’s the taxpayer who pays and it’s costing thousands every week.”
One of the dogs, a ferocious rottweiler called Bruno, attacked a 78-year-old woman, savagely biting her on her stomach and pulling her along the ground.
Sheriff McGowan decided the dog should be should be put down last week, the two-year old has been kept locked up since the horrendous attack in August 2013.

A spokesman for the Crown Office said they were only responsible for looking after dangerous dogs once “proceedings are raised”.

He said they had a policy of “fast-tracking cases which involve a dog in kennels to ensure fees are kept to a minimum”.

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