Thursday, July 7, 2022
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Daredevils condemned after more stunts posted online

ANOTHER picture has emerged showing a Scots youngster dicing with death by hanging off a building.

The image was snapped in Kincorth, Aberdeen – the same community where two teenagers were photographed last week hanging by a window frame 40ft above ground.

The new picture shows a youngster hanging by one hand from the flat roof of a building.

Daredevil hanging from roof in new ‘craze’



Another youth is standing above him taking video so that the stunt can be posted on social media.

Politicians and safety groups have condemned the craze – urban free climbing – which has spread around the globe.

The identity of the boy in the latest picture is unknown but two youngsters have admitted on social media that they were the daredevils in the first image.

Matthew Randall appeared ‘dangling’ in another photo last week



Matthew Randall, 16, and Robbie Borthwick, 17 from Cove, Aberdeen, bumped fists as they dangled one-handed from the frame of a fourth storey window.

It appears that Robbie performed the stunt despite having an operation to repair a broken right arm – the same one he used to hang on with – just three months ago.


Many people dissaprove of the boys dangerous stunts



Aidan Clark claimed on Facebook: “You guys are idiots. Seriously what if a ten year old thinks that’s cool and falls to their death?”

However, the boys themselves – who were not available for comment – hit back saying it “was just a bit of fun”.

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