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Arctic Wolves make appearance in Scotland for first time

SCOTLAND’S first Arctic Wolves have arrived at their new home after a gruelling 1,500 mile journey.

The two females made the two day trip from Sosto Zoo in Hungary to their new enclosure in the Fives Sisters Zoo, West Lothian.

Arriving on Tuesday, Aria and Luna both three, quickly settled in and were seen exploring their new surroundings.

The wolves have been brought in as part of the zoo’s recovery after it was devastated when a fire tore through enclosures last April, killing a number of animals.

The wolves’ new home includes more than an acre of natural woodland for them to roam around.

In the wild the species are found in the Arctic regions of North America and Greenland.

Artic Wolves arrive in West Lothian
Aria (meaning air) in her new enclosure


Although both wolves are female, a number of males are in parks down south meaning it could be possible for breeding at the zoo.

Accompanied by experts, the pair made their way through Austria and Belgium before being shipped to their new home.

Spokeswoman for The Five Sisters Zoo Lesley Coupar said: “We chose the names because we really enjoyed the moon and air theme.

“They were being bullied by the rest of the pack, there were 8 wolves altogether, including the sisters.

“They had to be separated and the Zoo made an appeal for someone to take the wolves and give them a home.

“We were keen to get them as we had a space within the zoo perfect to home wolves.

“In time breeding may happen, we want them to enjoy their new environment first, in time we may look at introducing a male to the pack.

Artic Wolves arrive in West Lothian
Luna (meaning moon) settling in


“It is absolutely wonderful to have have them, they are the first wolves in Scotland and we have had an amazing response.

“Now we have the wolves our next project will be the reptile house and building a new indoor play area.”

Highland Wildlife Park near Kingussie confirmed that the wolves would be the first of their kind in Scotland, as there are currently only European Wolves at their park.

However, Woodside Wildlife and Falconry park in Lincolnshire is home to a pack of the animals, which are thought to have a lifespan of seven years.

When fully grown the wolves can reach 1.8m and with a thick insulating coat, which helps them survive in sub-zero temperatures, they boast a stunning all white fur.

The animals were originally in a zoo in Germany but were moved to Hungary after concerns they would be put down.

Artic Wolves arrive in West Lothian
Both wolves were previously being bullied


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