Festival goers can moonlight as Zombies


Scotland’s biggest jobs website has announced it’s forgoing the living and is looking to recruit the undead.

s1jobs are looking for zombies to fill a three week voluntary role during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Candidates must have a proven track record in groaning and drooling, while a taste for human flesh is a preferred skill.

And those unable to commit to being undead full-time can even opt for a part-time hours – allowing them to be an office worker by day and a zombie by night.

The undead are set to take over Edinburgh, and you can apply to be one of them. Pic: Bob Jagendorf
The undead are set to take over Edinburgh, and you can apply to be one of them. Pic: Bob Jagendorf


Successful applicants will be required to shuffle around the capital feeding on the fear of innocent tourists, locals and people handing out flyers.

The advert for zombies has been placed by Royale Productions, who run the unique audience participation theatre show, Generation Z, in New Zealand.

The play, which will run during the festival, will take place in the streets of Edinburgh and cast the audience as survivors of a zombie apocalypse.

They must work with a small band of actors and make it through the show without being bitten.

Successful applicants will even attend zombie training camp at an Undead Academy to learn how to act the part – before being subjected to a full Hollywood style make-up treatment.

Wendy Pauley, marketing director at s1jobs, said: “With over 5000 roles advertised on the s1 site every month, we have seen a wide variety of job descriptions over the years, but this one has got to be the most out of the ordinary.

“It’s obviously meant to be a lot of fun and may be particularly attractive to budding actors, but it’s also a great opportunity for people to give their CVs a boost, as employers might see that the person is adaptable, a team player and has a good sense of humour.”

Oragnisers hope the show will play on the popularity in the zombie genre, especially on Scottish soil, with most of Brad Pitt’s blockbuster World War Z being filmed in Glasgow.