English teacher ad had spelling mistake


COUNCIL chiefs have been left red-faced after making a spelling mistake in an advert for an English teacher.

Dundee City Council placed an advert online which invited applications from teachers of “Enlgish”.

The advert, for a teacher at the city’s Grove Academy, was placed on the myjobscotland.gov.uk website.

The government’s Education Scotland website states: “Texts riddled with spelling mistakes take longer to read, are harder to understand and readers don’t take them seriously.”

A Dundee City Council spokesperson said: “This mistake has now been rectified.”

The Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) blundered in its Intermediate 2 Modern Studies exam paper earlier this year.

A question about women in politics misspelt the name of Scottish Labour Party leader Johann Lamont, referring to her as ‘Joann’.

Pupils had to be informed of the mistake before they sat the paper.

And Education secretary Mike Russell faced ridicule in 2012 for making spelling mistakes in a letter apologising for getting his sums wrong on college budgets.

The letter of apology, sent to Holyrood’s presiding officer Tricia Marwick, referred to the ‘Frist Minister’ instead of the ‘First Minister’.