Scots scientist takes South Pole ice bucket challenge


A BRAVE Scottish scientist has done the ultimate ice bucket challenge – in minus 20°C temperatures near the South Pole.

Malcolm Airey, 27, from Glasgow and English chef Chris Walton, 43, from Weymouth, Dorset, doused themselves in freshly dug ice at the British Antarctic Survey more than 10,000 miles from home.

Despite the appalling conditions during the Antarctic winter, the bold pair donned shorts, sandals and T-shirts to complete the challenge for motor neurone disease.


ANTARCTIC ice bucket challenge


The adventurous duo had to dash back inside within seconds to avoid exposure.

Research field assistant Malcolm decided to join in the internet craze after watching the world take part online.

He said: “During the winter months it is important to keep in touch with home.

“We don’t see anyone else between March and October and one way of staying connected with the outside world is by checking the internet and social media sites.


ANTARCTIC ice bucket challenge


“That’s how we learned of the latest craze for being soaked in ice cold water as a way of raising awareness of motor neurone disease.

“Being surrounded by ice, we thought we too would support this effort by taking part in the Ice Bucket Challenge.”

The video sees the pair digging ice themselves with a large shovel before pouring white buckets of freezing cold water over their heads.

Soaking wet and freezing the duo grimace before racing off to get warmed up inside.

The Rothera Research Station, that has been occupied since 1975, studies the movement of ice sheets, glacial retreat and ice coring for the study of atmospheric chemistry and climate.

The Ice Bucket Challenge, which raises money for motor neurone disease, has gone viral over the couple of weeks, with celebrities around the world taking it on.