Onesies for dogs are worldwide hit


A SCOTTISH seamstress has proved a worldwide hit with her tartan onesies – for dogs.

The garment may be losing its appeal for humans but Aileen Perry’s canine onesies have sold as far afield as New Zealand and Canada.

Aileen, 50, from Elgin, Moray, came up with idea for her own pet pooch Toto, to keep him warm and dry over the harsh Winter.

But within months, fellow dog lovers were lining up to order their very own colourful, fashionable onesies for their beloved pets for up to £50.


Dog onsies


Since setting up K9 Clean Coats last November, Aileen has sold hundreds of her machine washable onesies across the globe.

Working full time at Moray College, Aileen bought a second hand sewing machine, and spent her weekends furiously sewing on her dining room table.

With no previous experience she admitted it took “a few attempts” to create a practical design that wouldn’t restrict fun loving dogs.


Dog onsies


Aileen said: “My American cocker spaniel Toto was my inspiration.

“He has long hair and kept getting dirty so I thought I’d try and design a coat to keep him warm and clean.

“I bought a second hand sewing machine and started making-prototypes in my kitchen.

“It took about four goes before I got one that was functional and worked.

“I started taking Toto out in his coat and friends started asking me if I could make one for their dog and it all started from there.”


Dog onsies


The stylish bodysuits are handmade to fit each individual dog, from a series of 10 different measurements.

From stars and stripes, pirates, union jacks, tartan or diggers and tractors – the onesies can feature any design the owner wishes.

One body suit can take as little as three hours or an entire day, depending on the breed and size of the dog.

Made from super soft fleece material, prices range from £35 to £50 and are machine washable and can last a lifetime.

“My kitchen is my office, we haven’t eaten at our dining room table since November,” Aileen revealed.


Dog onsies


“I’ve had to source my material from all over the world because each person wants to reflect their personality or their dogs personality through the onesie.

“A lot of people want something in tartan, I import it from America because they have such a wide variety of colours.

“I’ve had orders from England and now regularly get orders from Canada, New Zealand, America and Austria.

“I think it’s because there is nothing out there quite like it, they are fun, cheap and functional.”

Since starting the business in her spare time, Aileen has made coats for Spaniels, Dalmatians, Dachshund and Pugs.


Dog onsies


Each dog brings a new design challenge and no pooch is too big or too small for a onesie.

Aileen created a video to demonstrate how owners can successfully put the coat on to their prized pets.

She admitted it can be a “bit awkward” at first but once the dog becomes familiar with the routine it becomes part of everyday life.

“It can be a bit awkward at first to get them on at first.

“The dog learns I’m going to get my coat on after a while and they start to recognise the coat with walk time.

“It just makes life easier for the owner and the dogs.

“if they get dirty, when you get home, you can just take it off and throw it in the washing machine and the dog doesn’t smell.

“The best ideas are the simplest.”