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Town provost in a lather over car wash’s risque name

A BUSINESSMAN has caused controversy in a quiet Scottish town with his risque choice of name for his car wash.


Andy Berry’s decision to call his premises The Hand Job has been described as “inappropriate” by the first citizen of Dumfries, Provost Ted Thompson.


Mr Berry charges motorists £9.99 for a “basic hand job” and £14.99 for a “quickie”.


The eponymous "basic" wash costs £9.99 - but not all locals are amused
The eponymous “basic” wash costs £9.99 – but not all locals are amused



The “touch up”, meanwhile, is £49.99 and The Full Monty luxury clean is £64.99.


The 53-year-old had a car wash of the same name in the UK’s second-biggest city, Birmingham.


But Dumfries, with a population of just 31,000, is taking longer to warm up to Mr Berry’s love of innuendo.


Councillor Thompson said it was good if a new business brought jobs to the area.



But he added: “From a personal point of view I think it’s a very inappropriate name.


“It sounds like a petrolhead sort of a thing.”


Mr Berry opened the car wash in the town’s Spitfire Road in July and says business has been growing ever since.


But customers hoping for a reenactment of the notorious car wash scene from Cool Hand Luke will be disappointed.


There are no pneumatic blondes in sight and any hand washing, chamois drying, vaccuming, tyre shine and polishing is done by two male employees.


Mr Berry said: “It just says exactly what we do. Nobody is offended by it.”


“We have customers from every walk of life – including married couples with children.”


Touch up

He added: “It’s great work. I’m really passionate about cars, and what I do.”


Mr Berry was reported to have received complaints about his Birmingham business from neighbouring firms who told the local newspaper they were getting “sprayed”.


One of the complaining firms was an undertakers.


Despite that, he counted among his West Midlands customers top footballers such as David Beckham and comedian Jasper Carrott.


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