Spiderboy, 5, clambers 30ft on to roof of building


Owen's mother was left shaken after seeing him sitting atop their 30 foot high, 3-storey building
Owen’s mother was left shaken after seeing him sitting atop their 30 foot high, 3-storey building

A FIVE-year-old boy with a Spiderman obsession climbed 30ft on to the roof of his home.


Owen Allan scaled the entire three-storey building in Rosyth, Fife, by clinging to wooden slats.


Owen’s feat of daring was discovered by his horrified mother, Wendy, who spotted his legs casually dangling over the side.


The primary school pupil – whose grandfather works as a roofer – then casually climbed down and had his dinner.


But Wendy, 40, is struggling to see the funny side of the episode and is pleading with Fife Council to clad the front of the building to stop a repeat.


She thought the youngster was simply playing football with his brother, Kian, eight.


Wendy then noticed that the game had stopped and a group of boys were staring at the roof of the block in Ramsay Place.


She  said: “He was just sitting there with his legs hanging over the edge. He waved at me and said, ‘Hi mum – is my dinner ready?


She added: “I asked him why he was up there. He said he was going to try and do a back flip off the roof but thought he might break his leg.”


During the incident, Wendy said she tried to stay calm.


“I was aware of not shouting in case he thought he was in trouble and didn’t come down. After we got in I had to go into the kitchen and I was shaking for an hour. It was surreal.


“He’s got no fear at all. He’s always pretending to be Spiderman or Batman, jumping off his bed with his wee pal.”


“He knows he’s not allowed. He’s a danger Dan.”


Owen’s gift for climbing may run in the family – his granddad, Fred, was a professional roofer.


“My mum says it’s payback time” said Wendy. “I climbed up a scaffold at about the same age and my dad’s workmates nearly had a heart attack.”


The family are considering sending Owen to climbing lessons but he is kept busy 5 nights a week with his other obsession – football. Wendy added.


“He’s on the go all the time, he was a lazy baby but when he hit 18 months old all hell broke loose.”


Wendy is angry her complaint has been put on a 30 day line by Fife Council, which  means it will be looked into but could take up to 30 days.


“He could be dead by then,” she said.


Kian himself was in shock over the incident and had given his brother a
lecture on staying safe after the incident, which happened a week ago, said Wendy.


“Kian has been telling him “You could be in hospital or a wheelchair” she said.


Jan Halley, Lead Officer (Access and Support) at Fife Council said: “Recently, officers visited Ms Geddes to investigate the complaint.


“These wooden slats are a design feature on many of the properties in this
area and enclose the drying area for the flats.”


 “Ms Geddes has been advised not to allow her child to climb up the outside of the flats.”

By Katy Sutherland