Meteorology and two veg: cloud forms monster penis over Scotland

A PHOTOGRAPHER went out to capture shafts of sunlight and ended up with meteorology and two veg.

John Seggie caught the astonishingly willy-like cloud formation in the skies above Kilbirnie, North Ayrshire on Wednesday evening.


John, 60, who swears the picture is 100% genuine, said: “It gave me a bit of a laugh. I was trying to take photos of the sunset and this appeared.

“It was just a few miles down the road from where I live.”


John said he did not realise until he got home just what he had captured.

“Looking at the pictures I can see it was there for  a wee while.”

WILLY_CLOUD_DN03The image has caused a stir online.

Alison Crawford said: “I laughed so hard coffee came out my nose.”

Mike Gordon joked: “Good to see God has a sense of humour. And proportion.”

Alison Maloney even uploaded another photo of a similar-looking cloud above Oban (below).


Finally, here’s the phallus-free scene of bucolic splendour John was trying to capture.