Stolen sheepdog was recovering from road accident reveals heartbroken owner

THE owner of a stolen sheepdog has said she is “spitting blood” after her pet survived being run over – only to be snatched by thieves from just outside her front door.

Marion Lauder’s working border collie Floss was stolen from its kennel outside her house on Saturday night.

Ms Lauder had been on holiday in Portugal but her sister reported seeing a figure running through the farm yard shortly after 6pm.

Floss  was only just beginning to recover a horrific road accident when she was stolen
Floss was only just beginning to recover a horrific road accident when she was stolen


Floss survived a broken pelvis after she was hit by a trailer on the 300 acre sheep farm at Cockburnspath, Berwickshire, in March.

Vets kept her sedated and immobile for three weeks and then had to rebuild her strength by walking her tiny distances every day.

Marion, 60, said: “We’ve been through a lot together. I spent 10 weeks nursing her and now this.

“I feel sick.  She was a very trusting wee dog. When she was ill, if we went away in the van she would cry because she wanted to come with us. “

Marion said the dog was probably stolen because of its unusually friendly nature. A public footpath runs through the farm, and walkers often stop to admire the dogs.

Her sister Sheila and brother-in-law David were in the house when the theft happened but had thought the person they saw was a neighbour.

It is unlikely 2 year old Floss could be used for breeding, as her injuries were too severe. Her owner described her recovery as “remarkable”, and said despite the accident Floss had recently returned to herding sheep.

Marion said: “It’s just thieving. It feels personal. We get her through all that and then this happens.

“Just because you keep your dog outside, it doesn’t mean she’s not one of the family.”

She  added: “Other collies would take your hand off. But she’s lovely, she would sit on your knee. She’s such a wee softie. You’d be in the van and she’d be on the back seat licking your ear.

“I have a feeling she’s not that far away. I hope whoever has her knows she is happiest when she’s working.”