Friday, August 19, 2022
PoliticsGreen MSP calls on ministers to make urgent council tax reforms

Green MSP calls on ministers to make urgent council tax reforms

Alison Johnstone, Green MSP for Lothian urged ministers to make reform of the council tax an urgent priority.


Ms Johnstone used Finance Questions at Holyrood to raise growing concerns among communities where council cutbacks have prompted parents to pay for basic school equipment, and where leisure facilities face being axed.


The Scottish Green MSPs published ideas earlier this year for renewing local democracy, including restoring local tax raising powers.


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Ms Johnstone MSP said: “When we see local authorities cutting budgets already pared to the bone, putting leisure facilities and frontline services such as education at risk, we have to question the wisdom of seven years of a council tax freeze.




“This sticking plaster solution proved popular but is now undermining the services our communities rely on.


“Scots are more engaged in politics than ever and I believe they want to see fairer funding of properly empowered local government.


“Ministers cannot duck this issue any longer and must meet their commitment to consult with others on a way forward.”


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