Shelter Scotland director says overcrowding in social housing is shameful


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The Scottish Government release of statistics from the Scotland Census of 2011 has shown that 23% of families with dependent children in social housing are living in overcrowded conditions.

The figures prompted the director of Shelter Scotland, Graeme Brown, admit that they will never meaningfully address the shortage of affordable homes in Scotland.

He said: ““This is a shameful situation and yet another consequence of the housing crisis in Scotland today.

“Families with children in particular are hit hard by overcrowding through a lack of privacy, space to develop, play or do homework. It also impacts schooling and the health and wellbeing of children.

“We also know that more than 4,000 children will wake up without a permanent home this Christmas and across Scotland there are more than 150,000 people on council waiting lists for a home.

“A lack of investment in social housing over the last three decades and the impact of right to buy, with more than half a million social homes sold off, all add up to a major shortage of affordable housing.

“These are just some of the compelling reasons we need to see at least 10,000 homes for social rent being built each year to tackle Scotland’s housing crisis.

“Unfortunately, however, in the most recent Budget Statement, the Scottish Government committed to delivering just 4,000 homes for social rent next year, less than half of what we need.

“This was a real missed opportunity and, at that rate, we will never meaningfully address the shortage of affordable homes in Scotland and give hope to those families in overcrowded homes.”