Thursday, June 30, 2022
PoliticsTeachers' union and SNP to discuss the future of Scotland's education

Teachers’ union and SNP to discuss the future of Scotland’s education

Scotland’s leading teachers’ union, The Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS), will take centre stage at today’s Scottish National Party (SNP) conference in Perth to discuss the future of Scotland’s education.


The event, titled “Where now for Scottish Education?”, will discuss a number of key issues facing Scottish education in the year ahead – including funding for education, pay and conditions, teacher numbers and class sizes.


Other matters to be discussed are workload, the introduction of new qualifications, moves to tackle excessive bureaucracy, early years provision, and the delivery of high-quality further and higher education across Scotland.


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EIS President Tommy Castles and Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning Mike Russell MSP will lead the discussion at a special conference Fringe.


Commenting on the joint discussions, Mr Castles said, “While the EIS is not affiliated to any political party, we continue to engage with all major Scottish political parties to promote the interests of Scottish education, its learners and its teaching professionals.


“We are pleased to be holding this special education Fringe Event at the Scottish National Party conference today and look forward to an interesting, informative and productive meeting this afternoon.


“Teachers and lecturers across Scotland will be particularly interested in what the Cabinet Secretary, Mike Russell, has to say on key education issues during today’s meeting.”



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