Angry driver flashes fake police ID after close shave with cyclist


A DRIVER was caught on camera flashing fake police ID in a bid to intimidate a cyclist he almost knocked over.

Video footage shows the reckless motorist swerve at high speed within inches of the cyclist in Aberdeen.

The angry cyclist catches up with the driver at lights – only to be told he is dealing with a police officer.

The man flashes his fake police ID
The man flashes his fake police ID


The bogus officer flashes a document inside a wallet which clearly bears the words “Northumbria Police”.

Despite impersonating a police officer, it is understood the driver admitted to a “moment of madness” and was let off with a verbal warning.

The incident, which happened on Monday evening in the city’s Anderson Place, was filmed by a 33-year-old who wants to be known only as Aberdeen Cycle Cam.

The man said that a few seconds before the incident the driver beeped him as he signalled to exit a roundabout.

He said: “He then proceeded to do what I think was a ‘punishment pass’, which was scary. I estimate that the driver passed me less than half a meter away.

The driver passes extremely close to the cyclist
The driver passes extremely close to the cyclist


“When I confronted him at a red light he pulled out a police ID he pulls out a fake ‘Northumbria Police’ ID and said: “I’m a serving police officer.”


He said that it was my fault because I was “riding in the middle of the road”.

The cyclist – who said he would not “tolerate being bullied on the road” – reported the matter to Police Scotland and Northumbria Police.

He added: “I have been cycling to work in Aberdeen for about 13 months. After ten months of harassment, bullying and a few near-misses on the road I decided to record all my commutes.

“This was the closest pass I have ever experienced. It is aggravated by the fact that the driver had clearly seen me previously on the roundabout and the close pass was on a double lane road.

“I wasn’t surprised that he tried to blame me – it’s common practice.”

Northumbria Police confirmed the man was not serving with their force
Northumbria Police confirmed the man was not serving with their force


Northumbria Police confirmed that the man was not a serving officer.

A spokeswoman said: “This man is in no way connected to Northumbria Police.

“Officers have made enquiries and are not concerned. It does appear to be a one-off incident and we haven’t seen this before.”


A spokeswoman for Police Scotland in Aberdeen said: “The footage was examined and the man was interviewed by Northumbria Police.

“He was issued with a verbal warning, which was appropriate for the offence.”

The cyclist said on social media that police had told him the man was “very remorseful” about his behaviour, and put his actions down to a “moment of madness”.

On social media, Steve Robinson commented: “Great that you have the evidence on camera of his stupidity and aggressive driving.”

Gemma Brown said: “Well done for keeping your cool and reporting it.”