Disabled schoolboy’s car set on fire


A DISABLED schoolboy’s motability car was set on fire by heartless vandals.

The sick thugs broke into 13-year-old Thomas McNulty’s vehicle and used a can of deicer to start a blaze.

Thomas, who suffers from spina bifida and uses a wheelchair, is recovering from a recent operation and needs the vehicle daily, including getting to school and hospital.

Thugs used a can of de-icer to start the blaze
Thugs used a can of de-icer to start the blaze


The gang even stole the boy’s sweets from the adapted Citroen Picasso which was parked outside his home in Dunfermline, Fife.


Thomas’s father, Jerry, said the family felt “violated” by what he called a “despicable” act of vandalism.

The fire on Monday night wrecked the interior of the vehicle, leaving molten plastic across the seats.

The burnt-out remains of the car
The burnt-out remains of the car


Jerry, 57, said: “It’s caused upset and shock for the whole family. If they only knew how much pressure our family is under taking care of Thomas’s needs.

“I was stunned. I can’t believe it’s happened. It was parked on a disabled square. It’s so personal. I feel violated.”

He continued: “It looked fine from the outside. I got up to it and opened the door – it was black and the smell was really strong.

“They had got in and stolen my TomTom, car pump, my jacket and odds and ends and even sweets out of it.

“If they had stolen that and then left the car you’d get over that. But they took the de-icer in the car and sprayed it all over and set fire to it.

Thomas keeps asking if the vandals have been caught yet
Thomas keeps asking if the vandals have been caught yet


“They [the vandals] have no compassion for anybody else in life.”


He added: “Thomas is just recovering from an operation and just getting his life back to normal. He keeps asking have they caught them yet.”

A spokesman for Police Scotland said: “At about 7.40am police were called to Westwood Place, Dunfermline, due to reports that a car had been set on fire. This was a despicable crime as the car was motability vehicle, required by the family to provide transport for their son.


Thomas with his father Jerry
Thomas with his father Jerry


“Due to the circumstances surrounding the fire, it is considered at this time to be suspicious and Police Scotland are continuing to investigate.

“It is requested that anyone with information or knowledge of this crime contact Police Scotland on 101.”


By Jenny Kane