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Council apologies after staff snaffle tickets for Kevin Bridges show

COUNCIL chiefs have apologised after greedy staff snaffled Kevin Bridges tickets that were meant for the public.

Hundreds queued to get tickets for the comedian’s charity gig at a Clydebank catholic school.

But they left empty handed after workers with West Dunbartonshire Council grabbed the £5 tickets first.

kevin bridgesRed-faced council bosses yesterday (fri) confirmed their staff had handed back tickets so they could be resold.

Bridges fans have gone online to describe the behaviour of council workers as “shocking”.

The homecoming gig at St Peter’s the Apostle High School on December 18 is raising money for St Margaret of Scotland Hospice.

Eighty of the tickets for the show in Bridges’ home town were meant to be sold from Clydebank and Dumbarton libraries.

But only 34 of the tickets made it to members of the public, sparking an outcry.

Disappointed fans gave it yaldy on social media.

Linda Atkinson wrote on the council’s Facebook page: “Disgraceful behaviour by council staff.”

June Connelly Sherwood added: “Shocking. Staff should have queued same as the general public.”

Catherine Nixon wrote: “Think this is shocking that council workers got the chance at tickets before everyone else… Should be ashamed of yourselves West Dunbartonshire Council.”

Angela Fraser tweeted Bridges: “Queued for tickets to be told by library only 14 tickets given for your show. Think WDC employees took them. Just thought you should know your fans were trying to get even one and couldn’t.”

In a statement the council said: “Hands up – we got it wrong over the Kevin Bridges event.

“We’d like to apologise for the way in which tickets were sold for the Kevin Bridges event later this month.”

It claimed “confusion among libraries and culture staff” has led to the small number of tickets available.

It added: “Council employees who had purchased tickets for the event have offered to return them so the tickets can be re-sold to as many of those residents as possible.”

Kevin Bridges has not yet commented on the ticket fiasco.

The 27-year-old comedian went to St Mary’s Primary School and the former St Columba’s High School which is now part of St Peter’s.

His gig on December the 18th is set to see him relive some of his school days as he talks about his autobiography ‘We Need To Talk About… Kevin Bridges.”

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